Reflow Tin Plated & Copper Alloy

Tinned Brass/Tinned Phosphor Bronze/Tinned Copper

Our lead-free tin plating can be applied to each copper alloy made by MINCHALI. All copper alloy products made by MINCHAILI can be applied with lead-free tin plating. The tinned copper alloy has high anti-oxidation and is corrosion resistant. The plating finished by the Reflow process considerably reduces the incident rate of "whiskers". The lead-free tin plating is eco-friendly. It is indeed both a functional and green product.

Reflow Tin Plated & Copper Alloy: properties of anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion with high electrical insulation

Base Materials

Brass C2600 C2680 C2801 Other On Request

C5102 C5111 C5191 C5210

C1020 C1100 C1201 C1220
Cu-Fe Lead Frame

C1921 C1940

Chemical Composition & Mechanical Properties

According to Customer Requirements & Meets JIS H3100 Standard:

Meets RoHS Requirements


Eliminating detrimental “tin whisker”, improving conductivity, corrosion -resistance, insertion force, and malleability of electrical connectors are additional benefits.


Connectors, lead frames, electronic devices for the telecommunications appliance, automotive, semiconductor, computer, and electronics industries.

Lead-free Electro-Reflow Tin

Strip Thickness



Max. 300mm

Coil Weight

Max. 2400kg;Coil: 8kg/mm


Cu 0.4~0.6μm

Reflow Tin Plating

Sn 0.8~2.0μm(~2.5μm On Request)