alent is the most important asset to us. As such, not only do we provide employment benefits and comprehensive training programs, but also an environment suitable for continuous learning and growth, while offering opportunities for promotion, in order to keep top experts at MINCHALI.
Employee safety is the core value to us. We pay extra attention to labor safety and expect our employees to grow with us, while maintaining their mental and physical well-being.

Salary and bonus

1. Cash gift: NT$ 6,000 or above for Chinese New Year, NT$ 3,000 and up for Labor Day (May 1), Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival, NT$ 5,000 for birthdays, NT$ 10,000 for weddings, NT$ 6,000 for moving to a new house and scholarships.
2. Bonus: The performance bonus will be given to those whose individual performance meet the sales output standards set by MINCHALI. (The amount depends on actual performance.)
3. Pension: Monthly 6% or more allocated by MINCHALI, in line with governmental policies.
4. End-of-year Bonus: Bonus is based on the individual performance and annual review result.


1. Training includes special tailor-made training program, on job training, core development and management skill training, digital learning, off-site training sessions and so on.
2. Management trainees, transparent promotional channels, and thorough planning of occupational advancement.

A happy work environment

1.Annual company trip.
2.Annual travel subsidy of NT$ 8,000.00.
3.Meals are available at the cafeteria with 2 special menus every month.

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