Founded in 1978, MINCHALI Metal Industry Co., Ltd. is a copper and copper alloy products manufacturer. The copper alloy industry not only laid the foundation for early infrastructure in Taiwan, but also brought about new opportunities in the future technology as well as the development for more advanced materials used in the automobile industry.

MINCHALI manufactures numerous products widely applied in diverse fields, such as computers, communications, consumer electronics, home appliances, buildings, cars and even robots. We are committed to constantly improving our equipment and to enhancing our expertise, through close cooperation with leading manufacturers in the Great China, APAC, Japan, the EU and the US.

In response to the call for eco-friendliness and labor protection, MINCHALI has attained global accreditations in various management systems, including OHSAS 18001 & TOSHMS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and IECQ QC080000. We are an international company, with "sustainable development" at the administrative core of our corporate culture, also having sustainable development as the administrative core as a global firm.



Copper is widely used in different fields for its inherent characteristics and versatility; the profiled copper market is diversified in order to meet different industrial requirements.
Therefore, industries such as automobiles, high-tech, home appliances, construction, and national defense, MINCHALI products can be seen in a variety of forms across various industries.

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