MINCHALI expects to be a global leader in the domain of copper alloys manufacturing with the highest quality in the industry. It also aims to be an influential brand, to act as a model for expertise and production services, creating new applications and markets with our business partners via shared R&D jointly developed R&D, as well as to create new applications and markets. Our R&D will focus on new techniques with industrial demands in mind. To do so, we must possess the following qualities as well as capability in:

The leading quality

The leading quality Leader in quality

MINCHALI creates the safe products through innovations and consistent quality.

The leading Technology

The leading Technology Leader in technology

MINCHALI integrates the industry to create more diverse applications.
The ability to integrate the industry to create more diverse applications.

The leading Service

The leading Service Leader in service

We uphold our motto of "putting the customer first," by giving maximum value and benefit to each and every client.